The Chosen Design: Amanda Campos

This week has been a big week for my group, Mothers Do Matter. Why? I’ll tell you why! On Wednesday we chose our final design for our new breast pump! This was not an easy decision either. Let me walk you through what we did to ultimately choose our final design.

The first thing we did was each draw a detailed sketch of what our breast pump should look like along with explanation for each feature we decide to include. Then the next day when we met we explained each of our designs to one another and then used a decision matrix to decide which was the best.

The way we used the decision matrix was by determining the top five customer needs and ranking how suitable each of our designs were for that need. *You can the actual paper of our decision matrix below for reference. We ranked them from 1-4 (one being the best for that need, four being the worst for that need). After we ranked them for each customer need we added up all the points and whichever design had the least amount of points won.

Finished product of our decision matrix.
Finished product of our decision matrix.

To my surprise, my design was the one chosen with some minor changes. I will not upload a photo due to the fact that it’s top secret and we want our design to stay ours. I will however share some of the features that are included in our design. The first feature is that our breast pump is mostly hands free. The moms will not need to hold the breast shields or milk holders however the will need to pump their milk. This is where our second feature comes in. Our breast pumps will be manual but instead of pumping the milk by squeezing the handle we will use a wind-up that will pump the milk, sort of like the ones that are on the little walking ducks. (*see below) We will need to do more research as to how to incorporate the wind-ups into the design but we are confident that it’ll be possible. The last feature that I will reveal today is that it resembles a gun holster. What do I mean by that? I won’t tell you. You’ll just have to wait till our product is on the market and ready to sell.

wind up ducks - red
Example of the type of wind-up we will use.

Well that’s it for today, thanks for reading and stay tuned for next week!

-Amanda C.

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