Design-Carina Carrasco

Measurements from this design can be incorporated into the final final design of the car seat.

Picture from here!

The past couple of days Baby Beeper has been working on deciding upon a design that incorporates all of the parents’ needs and is safe for the child. In creating an Interpreted Needs List the team decided that comfort, alert, position, easy to install and safety are all things that should be a priority in the design. Safety was ranked number 1, meaning that is is the most important. Safety of the child is the main reason for having a car seat, and from what the team has discovered many children have died or have been injured in car crashes because the car seats were not durable or safe. Something that came to mind when designing was that car seats can be very expensive, yet are not really all that safe for children.


The link provided above tells us that there really have been deaths due to car crashes and that it can be less severe with the right components and safety as a priority when designing a car seat. It just baffles me to see that such things can be prevented just by making a design that focuses on safety and comfort, and be more considerate of how busy parents might go about placing  the child in the car seat when in a rush.

Each member of the team created a design, in looking at all of the designs the group has took great aspects from each design and make a somewhat final design(it can be made more detailed). Each design really did have something that could be incorporated into the final design. Also, each member had unique ideas and focused on certain aspects of how a car seat can be made better. To come to an agreement a Decision Matrix was used to score how well each design from each member did in certain aspects like comfort, safety alert etc.

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The sketch above is the one that I made. I t consist of a compartment in the back of the seat(takes a lot less space in the back of the bottom corner of the car seat) to place the sensor/alarm in, as well as a head rest that can be adjustable for the child to be comfortable. The remote is what detects how far it is from the car seat, which will them sound an alarm if the parent is a certain distance from the car seat.


Questions for the readers:

What is your opinion of my design shown above?

Which of the following are the most important to you- comfort, safety or easy to install?


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