Settling on a Design-Ana Flores

The SuperNovas have settled on a design for our prototype and are working on finalizing our deliverable. Since the day we went out searching for possible materials, we’ve gone back and reviewed our interviews. We have been focusing on the needs and wants of our targeted audience.

We went back and narrowed down these needs with 5 common concerns, protection, heat protection, comfort, visibility, and efficiency. Using these, we did this activity where we made three different designs and sketched it out. We then shared it with our team members and they made slight adjustments where it was needed.

3 ideas

After this, we each went home and made a detailed sketch of one of the designs. The next day in class we shared our sketches and referred back to our priorities, protection, heat protection, comfort, visibility, and efficiency. We organized these from most important to least important and created our design for the first prototype we will be creating within the next month or so. Now we must focus on the deliverable.

The deliverable will list what we will be creating, why it’s important, the research we have done that will help develop this product, and the materials we will need in order to complete our product. As I stated, we have been doing a lot of research. We need to know the regulations set for hard hats and the dimensions of the male skull in order to make an accurate prototype. It has been hard sorting through the information but there have a few sites that have helped us greatly with the regulations. Although we did not use this website, it was very interesting to read. If your into bio-mechanics, you should check this out. Once we finish our deliverable, we will focus on gathering the appropriate materials for our first creation and creating and testing it. I’m excited for this step because we will have to put the hard hat through some tough testing to make sure it will protect whomever is wearing it. However, before we can get there, we got to get through the next week.

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