Brainstorming – Savannah P.



Over the past week we were asked to look into the design process. The objective was to be as creative as possible. There was no limit or constraints you had to worry about. One day in class there was a quiet time to just sketch out some ideas that you came up with that might work for your prototype design. After we had our time to just think individually, we came together as a team and discussed how our ideas worked. We all had common ideas on what we wanted our pediatric wheelchair  to consist of. The next step for our group was to sit down and discussed what we wanted out of not just our prototype but our final design as well. The aspects we talked about was flexibility, durability, safety, self-proportion and transport. We ranked these characteristics from most important to least important. We agree that these should most definitely be in our design in some way, that night our homework was to make a design of our own and try to incorporate the characteristics to our sketch.

This document is of all the characteristics we want in our design and also what the consumers want out of a pediatric wheelchair


These aspects are important, especially to the parents to these children.


Brittany’s Design 
Rachel’s Design
Savannah’s Design
Karina’s Design 








Just by glancing at these designs you can tell everyone’s mind is at a different place when thinking of a physical design. As we move on to the brainstorming ideas we have to think of the specifics and exactly what we want and what the consumer wants. Looking back at our costumer interviews and the reviews we have found about parents comments and concerns, plus what other people think a pediatric wheelchair should consist of , we created this mind map with our important characteristics and what we think should be apart of the design.Pediatric Wheelchair As you can see in the picture below there is multiple arrow pointing to different categories, that is because either the subject came up in multiple characteristic groups or they are related to several aspects in the brainstorm. Our ideas have been creative and outside of the box when we had quiet thinking space, but our designs were more practical and realistic to what the actual design might end up looking like. As we worked out how to decide which design to choose for the prototype we used a design matrix. Its a accurate engineering method to help figure out which design has everything you want out of a design. It was a system of ranking in which was decided by the team. Which design was the safest, most flexible/durable, comfortable, and transportable. The process was simple and at the end you multiplied the ranking you gave the characteristic by the ranking you gave it as a team when you compared all the designs. Then you added up the designs outcomes and which ever design had the lowest score had the most aspects we wanted in a design. Karina’s design was that sketch; we are using her design for our prototype.



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