This week we worked on ranking the importance of utilities we will need for our bath tub and what our primary focus should be making the Handles, Water control, Affordability, Flooring materials, a Seat, and curtain material our priority. We decided that what was most important for us was to have a safe floor, making the tile material our primary need, we all drew sketches of how we each envisioned the bathtub to look, Nelly and Grecia two of our team members voted to have adobe as the material being used for the floor, I said cement would be another good option, but adobe and cement are about the same thing so adobe was our final decision for floor material. This week we also decided to have handles inside of the bathtub to add support for our clients, when standing they can hold on to these handles without being afraid of falling. To prevent these handles from being slippery and being another safety hazard for our clients we decided to have a spongy type of material around the handles and to design it with some sort of grip for them to comfortably wrap their hand around the handle.

This week we also had to work on our own design, when we got together during class we compared measurements with each other and our different thoughts over materials we will need and we also brought up into conversation things we had never thought about.

Sketch #2
Sketch #2
Sketch #3
Sketch #3
Sketch #4
Sketch #4

A seat was something my group and I thought about but we had never actually thought about the structure it would have, and where it would be placed inside of the bathtub. Some of us said that the chair should be placed right in the middle of the bathtub connect to the floor (drilled down), others said that it would be a good idea to be able to move the chair around and our client to more around with it as well. To have some type of carpet for clients to step on when coming out of the bathtub is a good idea because it prevents another fall. For the elder we thought that to have a ” mini door” could help with those who have arthritis, and it will prevent them from having to struggle when lifting their legs up to get into the bathtub. This week has mostly been design and a lot of thinking has been involved as well.


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