SuperNovas – Erika Carbajal

SuperNovas finally set for an agreement! We’ve decided on the best design that fits all customer needs, and that feels and looks great!

A couple of our sketches are set here for you to see!
A couple of our sketches are set here for you to see!


Over the course of the past couple of times we’ve had to meet with each other, we’ve brought ideas to the table, from having a light and fluorescent strips on the hard hat, to having a sun protection cloth, to having the hard hat with adjustable straps, to having a water source on the hat. All of our ideas were great, but there was a couple of complications trying to combine all of our ideas together. On Thursday, October 16, 2014, we had the time to visit a couple of stores to research ideas on what materials and details should be added to the hard hat design. We based this idea off of an article (click here to find the article!) that really interested us! Eventually, our teacher, Ms. Miesner, gave us a helpful tool to figure out what we wanted to do, called “The Decision Matrix”. To get that working, we each had to create a quick sketch on what was the ideal helmet. We all went home for a day, and created our own sketches. Those sketches were then individually considered and ranked 1 to 5, 1 being the most important and 5 the least important. It was difficult to pick from all five needs: heat protection, comfort, protection, efficiency, and visibility. SuperNovas decided that protection was the most important need, followed by heat protection, comfort, and efficiency, and lastly visibility.


With those needs ranked, we were able to decide what design should be prioritized and have extra details on it. We decided for something similar to Savannah’s design, and added a light to it, water bottles, and more to the helmet.


Overall, our design has yet to still be a finished sketch because it needs a couple of details added to it, such as size measurements. We haven’t taken into consideration weight just yet, but that’s our next step: figuring out how to make the hard hat weigh the least possible, and figuring out what type of material needs to be used. Our SuperNovas team is working at an efficient pace, considering that we also need to prepare for our deliverable. It’s an exciting time for SuperNovas, the design is finally coming together!


Ana from SuperNovas is working hard to design her sketch to show to the team.
Ana from SuperNovas is working hard to design her sketch to show to the team.

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