What materials would be beneficial? – Jada Washington

Create and Innovate has come along way with where we were 3 weeks ago to now. We have done alot of research helping us to analyze and figure out what we need to create or innovation. Things ranging from the best material, the cheapest material, the smartest and etc. This past Wednesday the Ann Richards School went on a mini field trip to a strip mall where my team Create and Innovate had the opportunity to research existing similar products, examine possible material to use for our prototype, and determine prices for products that we could use to “hack” when building our prototype. My team and I before going on this trip believed it would be very beneficial for us, but it happened to not turn out the way we expected.

Create and Innovate visited these stores: Savers, Harbor Freight, Dollar Store, Play it Again and Target. Our first stop Saver as we were looking, we didn’t find anything to help with our innovation. At Savers all we could target is clothing, technology such as computers and televsions, then toys, costumes and other unnecessary items for our prototype. Next we visited Harbor Freight which I knew that we were going to find something because it was more of a tool and equipment store suitable for our innovation. I thought wrong, but what I did find is screws. I think that the screws would help in making sure the buckles are intact into the seat, because safety is key, and we want to make sure that all safety precautions are taken care of. Normally I don’t ever needs tools, so after seeing that Harbor Frieights screws costed around the 3 to 5 dollar range depending on the size I can go and compare it to other stores prices. I was also able to see a screw driver, which would make it much easier for us, and it would ensure that the screw was screwed in tightly.

Original Photo by Jada Washington
Original Photo by Jada Washington
Original Photo by Jada Washington
Original Photo by Jada Washington











Original Photo by Jada Washingotn
Original Photo by Jada Washingotn

After being somewhat dissapointed from not finding seat belts, we went to the Dollar Store. The Dollar Store had nothing at all for us, so we were soon out of there. Next stop was Play it Again. Walking into there I was amazed by all the cool equipment, I started to get really excited and hopeful that we could find what we needed. Looking around this sport equipment store we were able to find a “car seat” that you could hook onto a bike. This was so cool because I had never actually seen one. Looking at the seat, I instantly thought of possible improvements that could be taken to imporve the safety of the child who would be sitting in the seat. This car seat would be more benefical if my team and I were creating car seats for children, but we aren’t.




Original Photo by Jada Washington
Original Photo by Jada Washington

The last stop we made is to Target. Going from aisle to aisle we were stopped by multiple car seats. We were able to differentiate them from the different material used, and not used. For exmaple one car seat may have had more cushion, while another may have had different strapping, or one may have been smaller or larger seat depending on which ages the seat was attracting to. Looking closely at these seats, I realized that each one had a warning signs which I think it really important and is what we will need to put on our seats to make sure every individual knows the dangers or the precautions needed to be taken.





After walking a good amount, I started to brainstorm in my head. I kept wondering to myself how are we suppose to attain buckles and straps? Next thing I know a great idea popped into my head. My team Create and Innovate could go visit a junk yard that contains all cars. Most cars in junkyards won’t be used again, are trashed, and/or will be smushed in later times. So why not use the material inside of them? This is where I came up with how we could reuse, recycle and save the environment. We could detach all buckles and seat belts from theses cars, and use them in our actual design. With this idea, it would save money, and time looking for car shops and dealerships that would sell us these material. The only downside is how to dis-attach these materials from the car, and making sure that the seat belt and buckles are in good shape. Taking this field trip really broaden my horizon and was able to allow me to form new ideas that would help my team succed. Now I’m just really happy and excited to get started with the actual design!


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