Confidence in a Breast Pump- Gabriela Ornelas

This week we have mainly been in the “tool-up” process in our project. The tool-up part means that we are creating a design. We have done a lot of research on breast pumps and also on customer needs. The three main customer needs are an affordable, comfortable and easy-to-handle breast pump. By filling out the customer needs we were able to recognize the different aspects our breast pump needed. The breast pump needs to be affordable, comfortableunnamed (2)

Brianna Cruz works hard on researching and developing, the most important customer needs from our customer interviews.
Brianna Cruz works hard on researching and developing, the most important customer needs from our customer interviews. And Dennis Vera is working on the mind map, that reflects the most important customer needs, and why they are so important.

and safe for women to use and also easy and compactable. It is important that our breast pump is sanitary, in which the toxins in our materials do not effect the breast milk, or hurt the women’s breast. From these three main ideas we collaborated a map listing these three ideas, stating why they are importance and ways that we can build the device to make it important. All of these tasks helped everyone realize and fully understand that customer needs are need that need to be met.

In the beginning our group wanted to change our idea for our invention. We honestly, didn’t feel that we would be able to create a breast pump. In the beginning we were not able to picture that it was possible. As mention in my previous blog post, we were planning to switch our idea. But after doing so many helpful modules, we were able to finally imagine our final product. After the mind map was created we each were given a sheet of paper, and on the paper we were supposed to draw three ideas of what we thought our breast pump could potentially look like. During the ten minutes, we were not aloud to talk and only could focus on what we were drawing. After the ten minutes was over each group member switched with another group member, and got to look at the ideas each member had drawn and maybe add onto the design or try and improve it. It was really interesting seeing everyone’s different thoughts and there were so many creative ways to make a breast pump. Some of the group members had drawn a fanny pack that stored the milk and kept it refrigerated. And others had a breast pump that was designed as a bra, but could then change into a breast pump and then reverse back to a bra. Hopefully our team can decide what exactly will be beneficial to our targeted customers, women. By next week we will have a design ready, and we will be ready to invent our product.

Until then,

Mothers Matter


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