(Brianna) Mothers Do Matter- Cruz, Campos, Vera, Ornelas

We are nearing the middle of the second six weeks in our Biomedical Entrepreneurship class and the last two class periods have been a little less computer related and a little more hands on. Our class went on a field trip which was in walking distance from our school to visit stores that might have some useful tools to use when building our design. The first store our group visited was Dollar Tree. I think the batteries for testing and tools can be bought at Dollar Tree because they are cheaper than another big store. My team thought it would be a good idea to make quite a bit of tester models of different pumps so that when we knew we were ready to make the real deal, it could be made once and with most of our money. Dollar tree also had nice materials for finishing touches such as, paints, glitter, etc. Target was right next to Dollar Tree, but the prices are very high. We did indeed get the chance to see and give group feedback on actual breast pumps in the baby section at Target. Target set them up nicely with all of the parts and additives out for customers to see. We were able to see what could be added on or taken away from traditional breast pumps and how exactly we could fit it in a certain way. There was Avent by Philips and Nuk that we did not get the chance to research in our memorandum. The field trip not only gave our team new insights and goals, but also helped us bond and become better communicators. The team hopes for another field trip to these two stores when we get ready to build the final model of our improved breast pump.

So now that we are passed the tool up stage in the makers cycle we as a team were ready to start brainstorming design ideas. This was exciting because research isn’t as fun as actually getting to use the information found to put it all together, hands on. Today we were cut a little short on time because of a guest speaker but were able to get through some group brainstorming while using sketches. The idea of these sketches were to get input from everybody and not have any ideas shot down. Ideas could only be improved because the team was not allowed to talk during the sketch period. After sketching three or more ideas each person had on improving the breast pump, we traded posters in a clockwise rotation and each edited and shared feedback by ourselves, with out talking, and with different colors. This was good to see because group members had shared ideas, but some were not easily understood, so when drawn out the whole team had a better idea of what their ideas were and how they would look. When the feedback period was over and our team could speak again, it was nice hearing good comments and how each team mate thought thought that a part of their design would fit in well with another team mates design.

Gaby's drawing of how the breast pump should be easily fit to women's clothing.
Gaby’s drawing of how the breast pump should be easily fit to women’s clothing.
Bri's drawing of how the breast pump should be built into a satchel purse.
Bri’s drawing of how the breast pump should be built into a satchel purse.

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