MOVING FOWARD by Kaiyla Washington

As you may know M.O.M has began on developing a design proposal, as a group we want to make sure our design proposal meets all requirements that will make this project a Go. As Monica said we have split up the technical background research. What I have chosen to research is the more engineering side of the project. I think it is important to know the background aspects of what actually goes into building a prototype. With that being said I have researched the motor durability and possible motor systems that  could possibly be used.

Although some might not think the motor matters when it comes to breast pumps it really has an huge impact on the efficiency of the product. I managed to find the two main systems used within a motor being either open or closed . With the information from ,

( began to compare and contrasts the systems and came to the conclusion that the closed system would be the safest and efficient IMG_3525motor to go with. The closed system motor will ensure that no contaminants and infectious particles will be able to affect the breastpump. Also since most mothers are worried about sanitation the closed system will ensure that no mold will be able to grow since most other breast pumps use open systems and usually have mold growth after using the breastpump constantly. I believe that using the closed system for the motor will ensure safety and also make our marketed customers pleased.

Medela Motor and Case (Taken By Robb)

Last week  we did  an activity in class where we were able to go out into stores near Ann Richards to do material research. We got to see different breast pumps hands on from target and what is generally on the market today pertaining to breast pumps. M.O.M also went to a fabric store where we discovered what different types of bras and also elastic materials that could be used in a future prototype. The most important thing to M.O.M is to be able to please our targeted customers. We know from previous interviews that the main concern is efficiency and comfort. This means that our customer will want more than just an average breast pump, because they can buy that withIMG_3374 the breast pumps that are on the market today. Since mothers will have to wear this while breast pumping milk we want it to be a clean , comfortable and efficient.  Although we are not set on an specific design we have background research that I believe will help us have a perfect innovated breast pump.  We believe that making out breast pump more efficient will help our product be the best competitor and be able to sell more on the market adding this to our product will help it sell on the market. Now that thing are actually getting real I cannot wait till we start on our prototype.

Original image by Kaiyla Washington

-Till next time 🙂


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