Seas Design- Stephanie Perez

Hey so the seas team is back at it again! It is the start of a new week and so far we have determined our top 6 Interpreted needs, they included

  1. Versatility
  2. Relieve many types of foot pain
  3. Has all day support/cushion
  4. Stays cool/dry
  5. Durable and long lasting
  6. Meets foot sizing Regulations/ any regulations

Now some of these may seem a bit obvious like meeting standard regulations, but as far as the other needs they are all a part of what the SEAS Design team wants to keep in mind when designing our product. The five that did not including regulations were all generated from our customer interviews and were wants that our customers suggested and were also mutual wants by the SEAS Design team. That is the main thing so far that we have been doing, aside from creating our logo and drafting our design proposal.

Recently the whole class is going to be visiting our local Dollar store, Savers, and Retail stores to gain insight into prices for products and materials out there that may benefit our product. This trip was sparked from the article Revolutionizing Medical Tech With Dollar-Store Devices (link) and it is about how Maverick MIT inventor Jose Gomez-Marquez has created great inventions from dollar store toys and objects. So in the spirit of this project we thought to do the same, but more will come about our trip later. The main thing the SEAS Design team has been keeping in mind has been creating, sketching, and innovating a foot insole design that will be the best.

Article Referenced earlier
Article Referenced earlier
Current sketch ideas
Current sketch ideas
Interesting toe pain relief, and a design to keep in mind
Interesting toe pain relief, and a design to keep in mind

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