Out Of This World- Savannah Ojeda

Yesterday the SuperNovas met with each other during their class time. Currently we are working on research about helmets and hard hats, such as regulations that are needing to be met in order for it to be legal.

During one of our discussion, it was brought to our attention that we should consider adding goggles onto the helmet for eye protection . This was due to the answers we received from the interviews. While we were reviewing the answers and looking at the main points that were brought up by the interviewees’ eye protection was a topic that was brought up. We plan to consider the goggles, however as a test to measure the visibility we will use luminosity.  Even though it doesn’t seem much add the goggles some of the group members feel as though It may be a little difficult to include and make sure it is part of regulation if we do decide to use them.

Through our research of the hard hat regulation, OSHA stated that all employees must wear a hard hat in dangerous or hazardous environments. Through our findings we must meet the requirements of helmet protection by American National Standards Institute, which need to protect employees against impact and penetration of falling objects.

Researching about regulations for the hard hats.
Researching about regulations for the hard hats.

With these requirements on our mind we are also working on our deliverable that is going to be presented to our teachers. We hope that with our interview answers and ideas that we will be able to deliver a great product to our future customers and offer the construction workers better protection.  Right now the we have found that the OSHA website very helpful and will keep referencing to it with questions that we have or concerns, on their site they also offer example stories to problems which we can use to help further improve our product that we wish to make.

SuperNovas working on their project as well as brainstorming on ideas how to add goggles to the helmet.
SuperNovas working on their project as well as brainstorming on ideas how to add goggles to the helmet.



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