Car Seats- Rcarter

Our memorandom was just completed, but now comes the process where we are in the process of working on a deliverable. With a deliverable comes more research that is involving more research and trying to get a better understanding of what is going to be used to design our car seat. What we noticed in our research for car seats is that they are generally composed of plastic, cotton, and metal. Even though these are items are inexpensive, a car seat is typically expensive. From the research, it was also noticed that the car seats are made from items that will be able to last longer and have greater durabillity.

Car Seat

Car seat with materials
Car seat with materials







As a group we have decided that for our materials needed for the car seat should be similar to what is used on many other car seats because its what parents and guardians who buy car seats are used too. Baby Beepers will be going to a couple of stores soon to document and take pictures of what will be used or what could possibly used for the car seat. As we are communicating more and discussing the problem in front of us, it is still unknown how we are going to come at the situation as a whole.

A lot more research will still be needed such as discussing the rules and regulations on car seats, such as the dimensions that the car seat should be, the durabillity of the car seat, as well as all the safety precautions of the car seat. For instance, while researching I discovered that there is a latch safety rule that was put in place for car seats just this year. With this in mind, we had to look at all the regulations needed for the car seat. In the next few weeks, we plan to look more depth into the design of the car seat and more interviews on what possible customers need for car seats.


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