JIA Seats- The Start of the Design Proposal- Jennifer Martinez

This week we only had two days in our Biomedical Engineering class and I was absent on one of those days, although, my team members were nice enough to help me get caught up on what we were doing in class that day. On Tuesday we were introduced to a new part of the project where we are going to start developing our product design. In this part of the project we will be creating our first Design Proposal where we will get write a formal report communicating to the audience about our product design. Because we will be having class time to work on this proposal and have a timeline outlining what things we should be working on, this first week we were going to focus on research for our product first.

Because of past pathway experience, as a group we decided to divide the research so I am responsible for researching the technical background of materials and applicable standards for our product. When researching I found many interesting things that I didn’t know about child safety seats before. Before this project, I did know that car seats didn’t protect kids 100% when getting in a car accident but what I didn’t know what the high percentage of injuries the occurred to certain parts of a child and also the large increase of injuries throughout time.

In one of the websites I researched, there was an article that included research data that showed the test results of car seat accidents and the percentage of injuries that were made in a certain part of the body. One of the data tables that was shown was the percentage of injuries made in the head area based on different test and what I found most interesting was the significant percentage increase and to know that the beginning percentage was already at a high level, knowing that it increased made consider adding a solution to this problem in our product design. While I researched for more product designs, I found about The Dorel Technical Center for Child Safety who specialize in research and design facilities that including computational engineering resources like their new innovation of the Dorel’s Air Protect®.

Dorel’s Air Protect®

What I like about this innovation was that they are using the technology of air to help come up with better safety methods for child seats. We could probably consider this when designing our product design. We would also like to come up with better harness buckles because according to Graco (a child car seat brand) they had to recall many of their models back for fixtures because their bottom harness would always lock causing children to be stuck in their car seat.

Graco Car Seats

Although they have come up new designs for their lock, our team can come up with new designs for the harnesses in the car seats. Next week we will be taking this information and the technical background of the physiological and biomedical aspects of our design product and begin the second step of the design proposal which is coming up with our design objective.


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