I tried- Zane Trevino

 Hi, it’s Zane, the last member of Vertabend, here to provide an update. We have finished work on our memorandum, of which I had the market and value section, after a peer review session on Wednesday. The memorandum came along quite well, it had all the sections, though mine was a bit lacking, and seemed to flow okay even though we didn’t talk much as a group. We assigned parts and went for it, but we did help each other. I got the most help since I wasn’t entirely sure what to put in the market and value section, and had some trouble finding statistics at first.

But the peer review was quite helpful; my class peeps had good comments and recommendations on what to add to my section. With their prompting, I did some research using Amazon and found that neck braces have very diverse prices. The pediatric soft braces can cost less than ten dollars (but probably don’t do much to help), and the fancy Motocross braces can cost over two hundred dollars (and look kind of normal but sporty).

Can this flap of fabric really help your posture?
Can this flap of fabric really help your posture?

The braces in the middle are the hard braces that look uncomfortable and ridiculous, and those cost around forty or sixty dollars. There are also those strange inflatable braces that you can pump to the pressure you need, that cost about twenty to thirty dollars, but look like strangulation devices or tiny circular inflatable mattresses.

Strangulation device, aka neck brace
Strangulation device, aka neck brace

I also found a statistic that said 5.3 million units are sold in the adjustable collar market annually (http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/print-edition/2011/04/01/Device-maker-has-designs-on-growth.html?page=all). I’m still not entirely sure how that compares to any other products, or if 5.3 million is all that good, but it seems like a good number. Though I do have to wonder the relevance when the likelihood that our product will be successful outside of our  realm is infinitesimal.

Also during the peer review session, I  got to have a look at what our class peeps were doing. I commented on Hestia and Backwards In High Heels. I kind of got sucked into reading the interviews that Backwards In High Heels did, and spent more time than I needed to reading what people thought about heels, and how to improve them. I never knew there were heels with adjustable heights. Hestia’s problem is pretty interesting as well, though I’m not fond of children.

The week ended with turning in our memorandum, and an “experiment” involving glucose and moving pictures. I could practically feel my very cells vibrating with the sudden infusion of the delicious and mind-numbing substance.

In other news, I have came to the understanding that wordpress will make my future posts confusing, and that the website is trying to drive me more insane than I already am, or at least merge with my mind. Farewell, and I tried.

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