M.O.M weekly post #2-Deanna Watson

As the process to produce a product continues, I, Deanna Watson, is here to tell you what we got so far!. In order for our understanding of breast pumps to broaden, our group conducted interviews to understand what our consumers wanted last week. Throughout this week, we began doing a prior art search. The information our team viewed were the patents on breast pumps to see if we can alter any problems we’ve gotten from our feedback in the consumer interviews. As the creative thinker in my group I believe there are changes that are needed to a breast pump to further enjoy the bond it gives between the mothers and the child. And also, in general, to continue to advocate mothers to breastfeed because, it’s more healthier for the baby versus formula milk which has chemicals and unnatural ingredients. The book Breastfeeding: Getting Breastfeeding Right for You by Mary Renfrew, Chloe Fisher, Suzanne Arms, is a good book to understand the importance of breastfeeding.

In the conducted interviews, it was said multiple times that the breast pump, and the act of pumping itself is a lot of work using the manual breast pumps. It was also said that using the electrical breast pump was too noisy, and took up space when transferring the pump from place to place. I figured if the pump is electrical, smaller in size, and time efficient, it will be better to use than the pumps that are originally out on the market. Since nicer designed gadgets attract more buyers, the pump would need to be designed with more “glam” as well. The interviews also concluded that the mothers want the cup of the breast pump to be more comfortable, because of the pain that is experienced connected to the pumping of the milk.



We have the idea, so what’s the next step? Well, as mentioned before, we began a prior art search. The prior art search, which is information available to the public about a product, provided more insight on what needed to be changed on the breast pump, and what could potentially stay the same in the design. In the prior art search, we looked and patents for breast pumps. For those who doesn’t know what a patent is, a patent is a property right that’s for a limited time to exclude others to not sale what someone is trying to sell. As we took a look at some of the different breast pumps out there, it stirred us in the path of what we want this breast pump to look like, and what we want it to have.

Prior Art Search

While doing the search, I found that some pumps are very complex, and seemingly hard to use. Other pumps were very simple like the manual breast pump, but requires a lot of work, and switching breast because it is one pump. The electrical breast pump is very noisy, and big. The hands free breast pump seems complex as well, and is not very time efficient to use.

The whole point of this, is to understand what the mothers around the world want in a breast pump. This is one of the ways that both the child and mother has to bond together. We want it to be special, and memorable. We do not want it to be a hassle for the mother, nor a problem that she has to stop, and use a unhealthy alternative.  We have to continue to ask ourselves:

  • Will this benefit not only the mother, but also the child?
  • What is it that is actually needed?
  • Why is it so important? Why are we doing this?

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