The Clash of Sunburns and Hard Hats

SuperNovas’ have just recently finished conducting their interviews with workers who are in the construction industry. The interviews went well and many question were asked, which also brought up new ideas and things that would help us improve our thoughts on the hard hats/ construction helmets. Such as having a cloth attached the helmet to help prevent the workers from getting sunburn. This is an issue because the workers can get skin cancer from not having the proper protection from the sun. This cloth will be placed in the back of the helmet to protect sun exposure to the neck. Another topic that was brought to our ideas was the helmet being multifunction due to their being many types of construction. This would be a good topic to continue to look over and see how we make sure the helmet is durable for varies types of work and still offer the max protection for the workers. As a group in our beginning stages we are still discussing the interviews and what we could do to make the product better.

Sunburns are a serious topic, because as stated before it can lead to skin cancer. Common sunburns are first-degree which is a burn on the outer layer of the skin that consists of the skin turning red. However the constructions workers may lack some of the knowledge about sunburns and do what they can by using a cloth or bandana to protect their necks.

Bullard was one of the brands that were mention during the interview. Bullard was founded in 1898 and is a manufacture of high-quality personal protective equipment. The prices are reasonable and roughly around $ 15.00 for a construction helmet. The protection and how well the product is said to be good. This may be a start where we can think of how to further improve this product.

SuperNovas’ next steps they plan on taking is to expand more on the ideas of how to incorporate the sunburn prevention, how to make the helmet to where it can be used for varies jobs as well brainstorm about ways the workers know their helmet fits them properly.

What your ideas about how the product should be shaped so that is it can be used in multiple situations?

Is adding the cloth a good idea? Or is there something better that can help protect the back of the neck?



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