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So far going toward the Baby Beepers progress in creating our car seat that saves lives I have contributed some research ideas and interviews. In my interviews I have found that parents also want a child proof lock on the harness because more and more children are learning how to take themselves out of their own car seats. Seeing as we are starting this project because parents sometimes forget their kids in cars this could possibly be a good thing (ha-ha) but in my customer interviews it gave me a lot more to think about and a chance to try and broaden my research. According to, 665 kids died left in vehicles between 2002 and 2006 in America, an average 133 kids every year so we have to very serious problems on our hands


Today while looking for patents similar to our own I found that NASA created a Car Seat Safety Device, you can read more about it at: . Basically our design is to make a car seat that alerts parents when they have forgotten their own child in the car. I learned about so many new and creative designs for ideas like ours. I learned about this by looking at other Google Patents similar to our own and people have come up with devices that can track how the distance between the keys and the car seat and it knows if the baby is in the car seat because it has a weight sensor, so after a certain distance your key ring will beep or vibrate and I thought was really cool. There was also another idea to where there are infrared laser on the car seat that can detect the driver seats seatbelt and it can detect when the driver door is open or closed.

The stuff that I found today seems to be really high-tech and the ideas we have come with have to be different and meet some of our customer interview standards so that way we can at least possibly have a possible customer opportunities. But I think we are making very good progress and getting a better idea of where we need to start and what we need to fix so we can at least try and help save children’s lives every year.

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