Tired of Taking Them Off! -Amelia Fisher

Friday Night 9:30pm 

You’re a woman sitting on the side of the dance floor about to make a serious decision; should you take your heels off or not? You consider your options:

You could sit in your seat until that cute guy getting down on the dance floor comes over to carry you home. These shoes are at least cute enough to make that happen (right?!)

You could keep the shoes on and start walking home now. By the time you get there they might be able to save at least one of your feet.

There seems to be only one realistic option here (despite what you really want); taking off the shoes. Going barefoot onto the dance floor or just while walking home/to your car would be a) disgusting (think about all the places other people’s shoes have been) b) painful (if someone steps on your bare foot or you step on something sharp) and c) overall the complete opposite of glamorous (which is the whole reason you wore heels in the first place), but what other choices do you (really) have?

With feelings of complete regret and acceptance after a long night of excruciating foot pain, you finally take off the high heeled shoes you decided to wear earlier that evening.


My personal heel collection with heel heights ranging from 2-6 inches and prices ranging from $10-100.
My personal heel collection with heel heights ranging from 2-6 inches. (taken 09/19/2014)

As a personal lover of high heels I can relate first hand to the scenario shown above. I wear heels of all shapes, styles, heights, and qualities, but finding a heel that doesn’t wreck your foot after a night of walking/moving around it is easy to feel remorse for your decisions. There’s always the option of finding cute flats that are comfy and easier to walk in, but I don’t think women should have to give up so quickly on heel comfort, and neither does the rest of my team, Backwards In High Heels.

How our feet were unfortunately not made. (http://spilledemotions2011.blogspot.com/2011/01/shopped-cny-yet-oh-no.html)

This week of working on our design, I’ve been researching more the problems caused by heels and the vices many women have with them. Through looking at online public blogs and news feeds (such as this article found on Buzzfeed). As a team we found that there were a lot of similar complaints all women had with the heels they were wearing.

Women tended to find heels uncomfortable in general and locating a specific part of the foot that hurt the most was difficult. We also found that even women who wore heels often found heels difficult to walk in (for the most part) and were always nervous about falling over or twisting an ankle in an important moment (i.e. graduation, a dance, giving a presentation). Woman tended to enjoy wearing shorter heels (2-3) inches, due to how much easier they were to walk in.

Different styles of heels. (http://doitandhow.com/2012/09/25/know-your-shoes/)
Different styles of heels. (http://doitandhow.com/2012/09/25/know-your-shoes/)

We also asked everyone interviewed to choose a style of shoe they preferred off the above chart and found that people tended to prefer a thicker heel or a wedge. compared to a stiletto. We interviewed about eight different women, but we are always looking for more public opinions and more great ideas for our design. If interested in sharing your heel wearing opinions with us we would be most gracious if you commented below to share your thoughts.

If we successfully complete our mission and design, Backwards In High Heels will let women all over the world stop having to take their heels off!

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