Comfort4U- Abad Cruz, Vargas, Ramos, Horr

Our group, Comfort4U, is made up of four senior girls named Claudia, Daisy, Gabriela and Susette. Three of us are in the Biomedical pathway and one is in the Engineering pathway. We are excited to tackle the task of innovating uncomfortable student and office chairs. The problem we’re solving is trying to make a universal chair that appeals to people’s with varying height differences (theres a major difference between someone who’s 4ft or 6ft) and is able to account for the differences in people’s build. The problem presently with the chairs currently available today, is that they don’t incorporate our differences. We have all at one point felt the pain of butt cramps, leg numbness, and excruciating, insufficient lumbar support from chairs. This is a universal problem and as students we understand that this is something that needs to be solved in order to promote better attention and focus.

school chair
The average school chair in an educational setting. Note the hard plastic, and inadequate back support.

Some additional knowledge about the human body that we might need to solve this problem includes learning about sensitive areas of the back, neck, butt and legs because these are the areas that are majorly affected by cheap, poorly designed chairs. Students spend up to seven hours or more in school, five days a week, and most of this time is spent sitting. This is why are we passionate about this topic because we, as students, are directly affected and we completely understand what millions of kids around the globe are going through. Despite how minimal the idea of an innovated chair may seem, it’s definitely a unresolved issue that needs to be readdressed.

Back pain is a common symptom of discomfort from sitting too long inappropriately in a school chair.

Experts that we can potentially contact include a spine doctor, a masseuse and Ms. Jo. We believe that these experts are able to help us understand the way our bodies work in better detail and specifically how the chair design affects our backs negatively. The masseuse can inform us on ways to relax our muscles in the affected areas to incorporate these methods in our design. Ms. Jo, the engineering instructor, is able to help us because she is familiar with design process and has been through it many times.

We are very ecstatic to research this problem and find a satisfactory solution for students and others who suffer from uncomfortable chairs.

So dear students of the world,

What are some cool features that you would like to see in a comfy chair for a better learning environment?

How would an improved chair impact your learning?

Should there be an aesthetic appeal to these chairs?

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