Blossom Biomedical and Design- Flores, JSalazar, Yaqoob, Banda

We are the Blossom Biomedical and Design team. Our group consists of two Biomedical pathway students: Jakleen Yaqoob and Jessica Salazar and two Engineering students: Maria Flores and Lorena Banda.  Our mission statement is: to solve and improve the quality of life for human beings on Earth, by creating easily attainable products that can be accessible to all ages and throughout the globe. We want to be able to work with each other in order to create the best solution for our problem and to do so, we want to use each others strengths to make it a successful team.

Left to right: Maria Flores, Lorena Banda, Jakleen Yaqoob, Jessica Salazar
Cite: Taken by Maria Flores: Left to right:-Maria Flores, Lorena Banda, Jakleen Yaqoob, Jessica Salazar

Our group will focus on the problem of air quality, we want to create an object that will aid people of all ages to breathe fresh air. Green house gases have become a problem ever since the industrial revolution. Many people are often seen wearing surgical mask in order to prevent the spreading of sickness, but many people in different countries use surgical mask to protect them from dangerous pollutants in the air. In the U.S, and other countries, you may find construction workers with mask to prevent them from inhaling dust into their lungs and systems. Although helpful, many of these mask are not 100% bullet proof, the mask are able to maintain some of the particles out but not all, and the ones that do go through end up harming an individual within. Also, given our current state and the ever growing tobacco usage, many people may find it hard to breath fresh air. Kids in particular may be vulnerable to smoking from relatives or other adults in their area.

We selected this problem because we were looking into third world issues and saw that good air quality was something that a lot of countries didn’t have and people are having breathing problems. For example, China is a country with toxic air pollution and citizens have to wear surgical face masks to go out on the street. But the surgical face masks does not enable the person to breathe fresh air and it isn’t very comfortable to wear.

This article talks about how the air pollution is affecting China:

Citizens use surgical face masks to protect themselves against the polluted air in China.
Cite: http://www.the                    Citizens use surgical face masks to protect themselves against the polluted air in Beijing, China.

The article states that the because China is such a fast growing developing country, there are tons of toxins dumped into the air that is affecting the country and its people. These toxins can be very detrimental to the health of not only people but also to the environment. For example, agricultural crop are often covered in smog, which alarms many farmers throughout the country side. The poor air quality is driving China’s citizens to wear surgical mask in order to prevent heavy chemicals from entering their lungs and travel throughout their body.

We then decided that such a creation could have the capabilities of  going beyond helping developing countries such as China. We believed that the cover up we create and design, is capable of being used by anyone who would like to protect themselves from polluted or toxic air. For example, it can be used for younger children who are surrounded by people who smoke, people who suffer from asthma, construction workers, countries who experience yellow dust annually and other millions of people.

As the world begins to grow, the demand for resources and technology also increases. Such a demand increases more production which has to occur for the creation of these products, and as the production increases more power plants have to be made to keep up with the demand. Those power plants at the end produce tons of toxic air into our atmosphere therefore polluting the everyday air we breathe. But if that pollution increases, the air quality we  inhale will decline in quality and will create a harmful environment for not only people but for other organisms living on this planet to suffer. Everyday, this problem gets worse, maybe in a couple of years we will all have to be wearing surgical face masks. Until there is a consensus that there is a need for regulations and alternative usage of energy.

ap map

In China’s Air Pollution pictures it shows how air pollution is increasing in Asian countries more than other countries and that is because it is developing and have a large population and it has the high rate of deaths and so in North America, Canada and South America air pollution is spreading and people are dying from air pollution. Death rates are increasing in Asian countries due to the yellow dust and air pollution they have, and so to decrease death rates in Asian countries and in the world, a mask could help filter the air they are breathing and protect them from chemicals to get into their lungs and cause problems.

Please support us by answering the short quiz below:

Have you ever needed to wear a surgical mask?



If so how effective was it on a scale to 1-5? (one being the least effective)

Was it comfortable?



What would you like to see improved?

a)the appearance

b)the aroma

c)the comfort

d)all of the above

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